Discover Fun at City Museum, Missouri

by Missourism

Discover the extraordinary wonders housed within the sprawling 600,000 square feet of the former International Shoe Company at City Museum.

This captivating destination boasts an array of attractions, including MonstroCity, acclaimed as The World’s Largest Jungle Gym, and the Shoe Shafts, home to both five-story and ten-story spiral slides.

The adventure continues with the Enchanted Caves, Everyday Circus, and the charming Cabin Inn,

offering a diverse range of experiences for visitors of all ages.

As you delve into the museum's offerings, you'll encounter the seasonal Rooftop Garden, a delightful addition featuring a fully operational 1940s Ferris wheel,

additional giant slides, skipping fountains, and a breathtaking panoramic view of St. Louis atop the giant dome.

This outdoor oasis elevates the City Museum experience, providing not only amusement but also a unique perspective of the city.

It's a must-see destination that promises fantastic family fun and unforgettable memories.

It's important to note that City Museum observes closures on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, ensuring that visitors plan their trips accordingly.

This dynamic attraction stands as a testament to creativity and innovation, offering a perfect blend of entertainment, education, and exploration in the heart of St. Louis.

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