Ice Slide Drama: Fire Truck Narrowly Misses Home

by Missourism

Overnight freezing rain in the St. Louis region led to hazardous conditions, resulting in multiple car accidents and emergency room visits.

Even first responders faced challenges, as witnessed in a video capturing a fire truck from the Rock Community Fire Protection District losing control on icy streets.

The incident occurred in the 1700 block of Parkside Place,

west of Imperial, as firefighters were responding to a crash in the area.

Neighbors recorded videos showing the fire truck spinning 360 degrees, narrowly avoiding a collision with homes.

The truck eventually came to rest between two houses after clipping a parked car, preventing more significant damage.

Joe Lawson, a witness, expressed disbelief at the incident, noting the truck's inability to stop on the slick road.

Katelynn Voisey, who made the initial 911 call due to a car hitting hers, emphasized the quick response of emergency services.

As the fire truck slid down the hill, residents alerted others to seek safety on their porch.

Rock Community Fire Chief Kevin Wingbermuehle highlighted the fortunate absence of injuries despite the challenging weather conditions.