Missouri Shack with Subterranean Secret Hits eBay for $2M

by Missourism

The hefty price tag attached to this unassuming structure near Kansas City, Missouri raises eyebrows until you discover its subterranean secret.

Located in Polo, a 500-person town, the property has become an internet sensation due to its seemingly ordinary exterior concealing an extensive doomsday shelter beneath.

Listed on eBay for $2 million, the property, described by Colleen Roberts of ReeceNichols Country Club Plaza’s Allison Rank Team

as the "most unique in Missouri," presents a rare opportunity with 10,000 square feet of underground space on a 10-acre plot.

Despite its unassuming appearance, the shack hides a vast underground space accessed through an industrial-looking lobby inside.

The bunker includes two bathrooms, a kitchen, a soundproof music studio, a pool room, a glass-blowing studio, a recreation area, a gym, and room for multiple bedrooms, making it an apocalypse-proof home with various potential uses.

Constructed in the 1960s at a staggering cost (equivalent to over $34 million today), the space features robust safety measures such as 2.5-foot-thick concrete walls,

electromagnetic pulse-resistant copper shielding, 3,000-pound blast doors, an emergency escape hatch, and a 177-foot communication tower.

The listing highlights its relevance in an era where personal safety investments, including end-of-the-world bunkers, are gaining attention, positioning the property as a testament to visionary planning.

This unique offering, previously featured on the Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild, defies expectations with its discreet exterior housing an elaborate underground haven, making it a distinctive and intriguing real estate proposition.

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