Nickelodeon Hotel: Fun for All Ages!

by Missourism

1. The theming is not in your face, but slime may be

While Nickelodeon is prominent in the resort's name, its theming is subtle. Guests can enjoy themed activities alongside a beach getaway, with highlights like the Aqua Nick water park and the SpongeBob-inspired Pineapple Villa.

2. It’s as Nickelodeon as you want it to be

Guests have the flexibility to engage with Nickelodeon-themed activities according to their preference. They can relax on the beach or fully immerse themselves in character meet-and-greets and themed events.

3. It’s (nearly) all-inclusive

The resort offers a gourmet-inclusive experience covering most activities, dining, and beverages. Guests can enjoy diverse dining options, including themed restaurants and global cuisines.

4. Parents, guardians can enjoy kid-free time

Parents can enjoy kid-free time while children aged 4 to 12 participate in supervised activities at the kids club, Club Nick.

5. Accessible accommodations are available

The resort prioritizes accessibility with certified amenities and tailored services for neurodiverse guests, ensuring a welcoming environment for all visitors.

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