Missouri’s vast network of gas stations fuels the heartbeat of transportation across the state. In 2024, we explore and unveil the largest gas stations, each playing a pivotal role in meeting the fuel demands of Missourians.

From Phillips to EG America, these giants shape the landscape of convenience and mobility. For those interested in exploring more significant establishments in Missouri, check out our guide on the 10 Largest Hotels in Missouri.

1. Phillips 66

Phillips 66, a dominating force in Missouri, proudly boasts an extensive network of 542 locations spread across 227 cities. As the premier gas station giant in the state, Phillips 66 sets itself apart with an unwavering commitment to service. One shining example of this dedication is the West Plains Travel Stop, an expansive facility spanning an impressive 15,000 square feet. Situated in West Plains, this location epitomizes Phillips 66’s mission to provide not just fuel but a comprehensive service experience for the local community and travelers passing through.

2. BP

Securing the second spot, BP emerges as a stalwart with a formidable presence across Missouri. Operating in 209 locations spread across 86 cities, BP solidifies its position as a key player in the state’s fuel industry. The BP Travel Center I-70 Exit 84, a significant hub in Wentzville, encompasses an expansive 10,000 square feet. This location serves as a testament to BP’s commitment to providing top-notch services and convenience to the residents and visitors in Wentzville.

3. Conoco

Claiming the third position, Conoco stands as a reliable choice for fuel across Missouri. Operating in 164 locations, Conoco’s footprint extends to 91 cities, ensuring widespread accessibility. The Conoco/Circle K Osage Beach, covering 8,000 square feet, becomes a focal point for residents and visitors in Osage Beach. With a commitment to convenience and service, Conoco caters to the diverse needs of the local community, exemplifying its dedication to maintaining a robust presence in the state.

4. QuikTrip

At the fourth rank, QuikTrip emerges as a noteworthy contender with a substantial presence in Missouri. With 137 locations strategically placed across 56 cities, QuikTrip plays a pivotal role in the state’s fuel landscape. The QuikTrip Jefferson, an expansive facility stretching over 25,000 square feet, takes center stage in Jefferson City. This location becomes more than just a gas station; it transforms into a comprehensive service hub, symbolizing QuikTrip’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the Jefferson City community.

5. Circle K

Securing the fifth position, Circle K becomes a reliable choice with 115 locations spread across 59 cities in Missouri. The Circle K/Murphy USA I-70 Exit 147, featuring a 10,000 square foot facility, emerges as a cornerstone for the community in Boonville. Beyond its role as a fuel provider, this location symbolizes Circle K’s dedication to creating a comprehensive service experience for the residents, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence.

6. Shell

Holding the sixth spot, Shell solidifies its presence with an extensive network of 102 locations in 62 cities throughout Missouri. The Shell Travel Center I-44 & Highway 63, covering 12,000 square feet, becomes a significant stop for travelers in Rolla. More than just a fuel station, this Shell location embodies convenience and service, catering to the diverse needs of those passing through Rolla and contributing to the vibrant energy of the city.

7. Exxon Mobil

Securing the seventh position, Exxon Mobil establishes itself as a formidable force with 102 locations spread across 52 cities in Missouri. The Exxon Mobil/Speedway I-70 & Highway 13, featuring a 10,000 square foot facility, serves as a key hub in Wentzville. This location exemplifies Exxon Mobil’s commitment to providing not just fuel but a comprehensive service experience, enhancing the convenience for residents and travelers in Wentzville.

8. Kum & Go

Standing at the eighth place, Kum & Go is a reliable presence with 59 locations spread across 19 cities in Missouri. The Kum & Go I-44 & Highway 7, an 8,000 square foot space in Joplin, becomes a community focal point. Going beyond being a fuel provider, this Kum & Go location signifies the brand’s dedication to enhancing the local experience, contributing to the vibrancy of Joplin and meeting the diverse needs of its residents.

9. Murphy USA

At the ninth rank, Murphy USA establishes itself as a significant player with 50 locations spanning 49 cities in Missouri. Notably, the Circle K in Boonville shares the same location, creating a comprehensive service hub. This shared location represents Murphy USA’s commitment to collaboration and convenience, catering to the needs of the Boonville community with a diverse range of services beyond just fuel.

10. EG America

Securing the tenth position, EG America emerges as a key player with 19 locations in 12 cities across Missouri. The EG America Pilot Travel Center I-44 & Highway 13, stretching over an expansive 15,000 square feet, plays a crucial role in Rolla. More than just a fuel station, this location becomes a hub for services and convenience, contributing to the dynamic landscape of Rolla and meeting the varied needs of its residents and travelers passing through. As EG America continues to expand its footprint, its presence in Missouri reflects a commitment to delivering a comprehensive and high-quality service experience.

These gas station titans not only fuel vehicles but also symbolize convenience, accessibility, and essential services across Missouri. The diversity in their locations and sizes mirrors the dynamic landscape of transportation infrastructure in the state. As we navigate through these giants, it becomes evident that they are not just gas stations but integral components of Missouri’s economic and communal fabric.

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