and accessory stores for the year 2024. These style havens go beyond merely offering clothing and accessories; they become cultural landmarks shaping the fashion landscape across the state. If you’re passionate about exploring Missouri’s vibrant retail scene, don’t miss our exclusive guide to the 10 Largest Gas Stations in Missouri.

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1. Lee

At the forefront of Missouri’s dynamic fashion scene, Lee takes center stage with an expansive network of 269 locations scattered across 125 cities. Notably, the Lee Outlet in Lebanon, spanning an estimated 20,000 square feet, stands as an embodiment of the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier denim and casual wear. Positioned as a fashion haven, this flagship location in Lebanon caters to enthusiasts yearning for the perfect fusion of comfort and trendiness.

2. Columbia Sportswear

In the second position, Columbia Sportswear makes a bold statement with 234 locations in 97 cities. The Columbia Factory Store in St. Louis Premium Outlets, covering an estimated 25,000 square feet, becomes a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals in Chesterfield. Columbia Sportswear’s commitment to performance and style is showcased in this flagship location, contributing to the vibrant retail landscape of Chesterfield.

3. Ariat

Ariat secures the third rank with an impressive presence of 215 locations across 127 cities. The Ariat International store in Osage Beach, spanning an estimated 15,000 square feet, becomes a destination for those seeking equestrian-inspired fashion and footwear. Ariat’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in this flagship location, catering to the unique style preferences of Osage Beach residents and visitors.

4. Lily Frilly

Lily Frilly

Securing a prominent fourth position, Lily Frilly brings a touch of whimsy and charm to Missouri’s fashion landscape, boasting 121 locations across 94 cities. While specific details on store sizes may be limited, the widespread presence of Lily Frilly is a clear indication of its popularity among individuals seeking trendy and playful accessories. Each Lily Frilly store becomes a captivating haven, offering a treasure trove of delightful discoveries for those with a penchant for fashion-forward accessories.

5. Crocs

Securing the fifth spot, Crocs establishes its footprint with 100 locations across 52 cities in Missouri. The Crocs Store in St. Louis Galleria, estimated at 5,000 square feet, becomes a go-to destination for those seeking comfort and style in Richmond Heights. Crocs’ dedication to providing innovative and comfortable footwear is showcased in this flagship location, offering a diverse range of styles for every taste.

6. Maurices

Claiming a noteworthy sixth spot, Maurices solidifies its status as a fashion stalwart with 39 locations spanning 38 cities in Missouri. The Maurices store in Kansas City Plaza, estimated at a welcoming 6,000 square feet, emerges as a fashion sanctuary for those on the lookout for trendy and affordable women’s clothing. This flagship location not only reflects the dynamic fashion scene of Kansas City but also stands as a cornerstone within the city’s retail landscape, contributing to its vibrancy and style.

7. Altra Running

Establishing its presence at the seventh rank, Altra Running emerges as a key player with 37 locations across 15 cities. While specific details on store sizes are limited, Altra Running’s focus on performance and innovation in athletic footwear captivates fitness enthusiasts. Each Altra Running location becomes a haven for those seeking the perfect fit in athletic footwear, positioning it as a go-to destination for style and functionality in athletic endeavors.

8. Target

Target secures the eighth position with 35 locations in 28 cities. The Super Target in St. Louis Mills, spanning an estimated 130,000 square feet, goes beyond a traditional department store, becoming a comprehensive destination for fashion, home goods, and more in Hazelwood. Target’s commitment to providing a diverse and enjoyable shopping experience is showcased in this flagship location, contributing to the vibrancy of the retail landscape in Hazelwood.

9. Cato

Holding the ninth position, Cato establishes its presence with 32 locations in 30 cities. The Cato Fashion Store in Branson Landing, estimated at 10,000 square feet, becomes a go-to destination for those seeking affordable and stylish clothing in Branson. Cato’s dedication to providing fashion-forward options at budget-friendly prices is evident in this flagship location, catering to the diverse style preferences of Branson residents and visitors.

10. Claire’s

Securing the tenth position, Claire’s brings a touch of glamour with 28 locations in 22 cities. The Claire’s store in St. Louis Galleria, estimated at 3,000 square feet, becomes a treasure trove for those seeking trendy and affordable accessories in Richmond Heights. Claire’s commitment to providing a diverse and ever-changing selection of accessories is showcased in this flagship location, making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts in Richmond Heights.

As we conclude our exploration of Missouri’s largest apparel and accessory stores, it’s clear that these fashion giants play a pivotal role in shaping the style preferences of residents across the state. If you’re intrigued by Missouri’s diverse retail landscape, don’t miss our exclusive guide to the 10 Largest Hotels in Missouri.

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